Anti-gay Pastor Scott Lively radio face off provides insight into lies

Cathy Kristofferson | Oblogdeeoblogda | January 13, 2013

What’s my opinion of Scott Lively and his reign of persecution?  That’s easy. Who better than a proselytizing evangelical who moved to our Commonwealth to “re-Christianize it” to project his own recruitment and promotion approaches onto a group that does no such thing.  Christianity is a choice, a choice Scott Lively is hoping many in Springfield will chose by falling prey to his promotion and accepting his recruitment to follow him.  Queerness is not a choice.  It is just an attribute we are born with yet one he finds worthy of his persecution…

So when I got an email Thursday that Scott Lively was going to be on our local NPR station, the Radio Boston program of Boston University’s WBUR, I thought I’d best listen and report on it. But this blog post is a bit delayed as is often the case when I suffer from hate overload dealing with Scott Lively. I tried listening to his interview when it aired but only made it 11 minutes in.


Just a few days before I was in Springfield’s Federal Court listening to much of what he did in Uganda against their LGBTI community in the SMUG v. Lively Crimes Against Humanity case.  On this day, after the radio host played a particularly heinous clip from the now infamous 2009 gay agenda workshop in Kampala, Lively accused the host of cherry picking.  But when I heard the recorded Lively saying “they are so far from normalcy” I was reminded of a comment I had seen from Jim Burroway a couple years back : ‘Is it any wonder Ugandans want to kill gay people?‘.  Perhaps Jim was cherry picking too.  But I doubt it.  He had the full tapes.  It is the totality of the lies and propaganda of Scott Lively not a couple of comments taken out of context as he likes to claim.

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