The Curse of Reparative Therapy

 | Huffington Post | May 10, 2013


The mental health profession, not content with trying to solve real problems, has over the years proposed solving imaginary ones. The current debate is over the right to even try to cure homosexuality. The adage that there’s no harm in trying doesn’t hold.  There is great harm in trying.

Let’s cut to a century ago, when the problem was different but the answer was the same.  We can see things better from a distance.

Above is a group portrait of the preeminent mental health professionals in the Western World in 1909.  Freud himself is in the front row with Carl Jung just to his right.  You can also see William James, the father of American psychology, and G. Stanley Hall., the great American psychologist who invited Freud to America to speak.

It was no small feat getting Freud to our shore.  Freud despised the U.S. for being “too egalitarian” and having no strong leaders, and he came here only once. The picture was taken at Clark College, in Worcester, Mass., where Hall was a professor. If you are familiar with the names of some of these people, you are likely to look at them with curiosity and even a touch of reverence.

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