Imperial America and the End of Progressivism

 | Anti | April 29, 2013

As America hardens into empire, and the assumptions and conceits of imperialism become the social and political norm, the American “left” is morphing into a mutant caricature of itself: we see this in the recent decision by the San Francisco “Gay Pride” parade committee to revoke an earlier decision to honor whistle-blower Bradley Manning.

Manning, for those late to the party, is the 25-year-old Army private who – somehow – had access to a huge cache of US military and diplomatic “secrets” and  revealed them to the world via Wikileaks. First and most dramatically, he  released a US government video depicting the slaughter of innocent Iraqis by a team of wise-cracking Americans piloting a helicopter gunship. It shocked the world – and rocked the US military establishment when Wikileaks posted it online. The warlords of Washington have been out to get Manningand Wikileaks – ever since.

What does San Francisco’s “gay pride” celebration – a week-long street party, part drag-queens-in-boa-feathers and Dykes on Bikes, part political rally by the “San Francisco Democrats,” as Jeanne Kirkpatrick contemptuously referred to them – have to do with Manning? It seems the Parade Committee’s “electoral college” – a gathering of all the past “Grand Marshals” – voted for Manning (a gay man) to be honored as the 2013 Parade Grand Marshal, a decision quickly overruled by the Grand Poobahs of the “executive board,” led by one Lisa L. Williams, a local political hack and sometime political appointee to minor city posts. In a statement that had all the hallmarks of a announcement by the old Soviet Politiboro of the latest political purge, Williams declared:

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