David Gregory Wants Me Arrested for Writing This

Carl Gibson | Reader Supported News | June 24, 2013

If reporters who report on leaked government secrets are going to be labeled as criminals by the corporate-owned media, then why have reporters at all?

Even though the media died a long time ago, when the news department’s purpose of reporting on content was merged with the sales department’s needs to sell ads, this week was a historic moment in the downfall of the media. When David Gregory of NBC’s “Meet the Press” interviewed Glenn Greenwald on scooping the NSA surveillance story, he implied that Greenwald was a criminal for aiding and abetting NSA leaker Edward Snowden, and then challenged his credentials as a journalist while hiding under the oft-heard “some others have said…” cover. You can see the exchange here.

The corporate media is only following cues from its owners. “Meet the Press” is sponsored by Boeing, the same corporation that owns NSA contractor Narus, an Israeli company that makes the rapid interception technology used by the NSA. Boeing is also part of the corporate coalition for “Fix the Debt,” a sham organization funded by Wall Street billionaire Pete Peterson that aims to frame government debt as a Very Serious Problem, and Social Security and Medicare as the chief causes of that Very Serious Problem. This likely explains why Gregory was so eager to frame Social Security and Medicare as necessary sacrifices to deal with our debt, while completely ignoring the fact that companies like Boeing (and many other companies whose CEOs are in the Fix the Debt “fiscal leadership council”) pay NEGATIVE federal income tax rates due to a preferential tax code that their lobbyists helped write in the first place. But David Gregory is merely a propagandist for the inside-the-DC-beltway elite, not the main problem.

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