Billions for the Pentagon, Spare Change for the Unemployed

Carl Gibson | Reader Supported News | December 12, 2013

n Black Friday, Walmart workers went on strike protesting one of the world’s richest companies in history paying their employees so little that they have to depend on public assistance. Shortly after, fast food and retail workers in over 100 cities went on strike, demanding a fair wage from companies who have more than enough to share their record profits with the workers who make those profits possible, and instead choose not to. Good jobs are on everyone’s wish list this Christmas, but all the working class (because let’s be honest – there’s basically no middle class in this country) is getting from the beltway elite and the two corporate-owned parties is more coal in our stockings.

The latest budget agreement between Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), which President Obama has already agreed to sign, is being lauded by the beltway media as a long-overdue compromise that will finally result in a definitive spending plan. And predictably, all the focus has been on the deal, rather than who was screwed by the deal, and who screwed them.

A Bipartisan Skewering of the Jobless

It’s been an obvious fact for a long while now that today’s Republican Party has become merely the political arm of the plutocracy. They have steadfastly refused to support anything that would get in the way of the richest Americans to become richer, even if it means the most vulnerable have to suffer that much more. This is true at all levels, from their views on energy policy, to tax loopholes, and even to extending unemployment benefits and food stamps. Democrats, however, have managed to get away with pretending to represent the interests of those vulnerable Americans. But just as they did with food stamps in the farm bill, this latest budget agreement leaves the unemployed to fend for themselves.

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