Jon Qwelane No Longer High Commissioner to Uganda

Melanie Nathan | Oblogdeeoblogda | November 17, 2014

Following the story in South African press that Jon Qwelane is back in Court, I noted terminology referring to Mr. Qwelane as the “former high commissioner” of South Africa to Uganda.  I had recently been tipped off by several Ugandans who made accusations of bribery, corruption and ineptitude at the South African Embassy in Kampala, notably when people try to obtain visas.  I became curious. I was not able to find any any press statement or story that Qwelane’s position as High Commissioner had been terminated, no statement of a recall, anew post, nor any expiration of term.  I went to the SA Government website and noted “vacant” next to the position of “High Commissioner, amongst the list of consular officials” – and where the Qwelane’s name used to appear.

I searched and could not find any press information about Qwelane’s demise from the Ugandan position. last week I sent an e-mail (see below), asking for clarification on several of these issues. I still await a response.

I participated in the drive in 2011 to recall Qwelane when he was found guilty of “hate speech” against gays – later overturned. But the South African Government said he would not be recalled at that time.

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