HRC Now Accepts Religious Liberty Bigotry

Cathy Kristofferson | Oblogdeeoblogda | January 11, 2015

IMG_7967cToday, the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) received their first lump of coal from Santa for 2015. Deliverers of Santa’s naughty list and coal at Christmastime,, returned barely two weeks into the new year following Thursday’s Washington Post article in which HRC’s vice president Fred Sainz gushed over presidential hopeful Jeb Bush’s new excuse for not accepting Florida’s recent legalization of marriage equality.

Part of Bush’s carefully crafted statement meant to placate all included the endorsement of “religious liberty” as the new acceptable evolution from plain old outspoken bigotry. With that undoubtedly carefully placed article, Fred has given Jeb Bush the HRC seal of approval.

In the Washington Post article ‘Has Jeb Bush shown Republicans a new way to talk about same-sex marriage?‘, Jeb Bush says..

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