Boy Scouts Donations Plummet In Utah After Gay Leader Ruling



Associated Press | Huffington Post | November 16, 2015

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — One of the largest Boy Scout councils in the country is laying off employees because donations are down — possibly a side effect of tension between the Scouts and the Mormon church over this summer’s decision to allow gay Scout leaders.

The fall fundraising driver for the Utah National Parks Council is only about halfway over, but council president Stan Lockhart said preliminary data shows a substantial drop in donations.

“This is a painful day for us all,” Lockhart said Monday. “These are people we know and love, who have dedicated their careers to helping Boy Scouts. It just hurts.”

The council serves about 90,000 Scouts south of Salt Lake County and has about 70 employees. Lockhart said the end-of-the-year Friends of Scouting fundraising drive provides most of the money for council’s volunteer support, record-keeping and summer camps.

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