New Horizons Nevada Events

I grew up in a small farming community in western Iowa, and I knew early on that I was gay. I lusted over my basketball/baseball coach, my school principal, my boss at the grocery store,  – hell – just about every older stocky man in my town got me excited.

All the time that I was in the Navy, college, etc. I was deep in the closet – I even got married (to a woman) just to prove that I wasn’t GAY.
But I was gay, and I had searched for years to find a place where I felt welcomed and at home with myself.

Then I found VEGAS – what a wonderful place to be gay – I have lived here for somewhat over 10 years and I feel that I am finally home.

Some people say they can’t take the heat – August / September may get a bit warm, but we don’t have -20 deg. winters, hurricanes, tornadoes, mosquitoes, flies, high humidity. Did you know that we have a ski resort within an hour’s drive to our west and Hoover Dam is just to our east. Some people still think that Vegas is a dusty gambling spot in the middle of the high desert, but we are now over 3 million people strong, and one of the fastest growing cities in the US.

The news media may always paint Vegas as a glitsy, wild, hedonistic city, which some parts of it are, but there is also the other Vegas, where people are accepting of a diverse community and we help each other make it through life. New Horizons Nevada, a non-profit, GLBT service organization, is developing a 400 unit senior apartment complex in the Arts District of downtown Las Vegas and we will be making a presentation and taking Inquiry Applications at our May 2016 Fun Festival.

If you have never visited Las Vegas, I strongly recommend you take a vacation and check us out.

Hope to see you at our Las Vegas May 2016 Fun Festival:

New Horizons Nevada (501c3)
P.O. Box 42244
Las Vegas, NV  89116


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Working to build an Affordable Gay Living District in the Las Vegas Valley


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