Jeb Bush goes all in on national security

Jonathan Easley | The Hill | MSN News | November 18, 2015

Jeb Bush on Wednesday laid out his plan to strengthen the military and defend the nation from the threat of terrorism, seizing on national security to turn around a struggling presidential campaign.

The coordinated terrorist attacks across Paris last week, which left 129 dead and scores more wounded, has provided the former Florida governor with an opening to make the case more clearly and forcefully than before that his leadership skills and experience make him best equipped to be commander in chief.

Republicans say that with the Iowa caucuses nearing and the next GOP debate about a month away, it could be Bush’s last opportunity to pull his campaign from the doldrums.

“He’s close to being dead and done, so this is his big moment,” said veteran GOP strategist Ed Rollins. “He has this opportunity now to step up and make the case for his experience and his ability to be commander in chief. If he can’t break through on this, then he’s not going to break through at all.”

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