EQ Florida: Transgender Remembrance Day and Visibility Events


Each November, we come together to celebrate the visibility of the transgender community and honor the lives tragically lost by acts of anti-transgender violence and discrimination.

Tomorrow, November 20, is the Transgender Day of Remembrance and Visibility (TDORV). It’s a time to pause and reflect, and to renounce violence against the transgender community together. Let us remember those who have experienced harm for simply trying to live an authentic life. Let us also commit ourselves to the power of awareness, visibility, and education that leads to positive inclusion of the transgender community.

With that in mind, Equality Florida invites you to attend TDORV events around the state tomorrow and to acknowledge November as Transgender Awareness Month.


This year, the transgender community has been visible on a local and national scale like never before. Celebrities such as Laverne Cox and Caitlyn Jenner have spanned the transgender discussion across the globe. Never has there been more awareness of what it means to be transgender.

But this visibility and drive for acceptance has come with a cost. Violence against the transgender community has never been more prevalent. More transgender people have been murdered this year than in any year prior. The suicide rate of the community remains alarmingly high as the stresses of discrimination mount. Trans women of color have been especially vulnerable, as 27 have been murdered in the US in 2015.

So, as we do each year, we pause to remember those who have fallen and celebrate those who remain visible advocates of the cause. We denounce bigotry, violence and hatred. And we remind each other that the battle won, to be your true and authentic self, is worth the fight.

Support the Transgender Day of Remembrance and Visibility by attending an event in your area.

Onward TransEquality!
Gina Duncan
Transgender Inclusion Director
Equality Florida

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