An ISIS defector revealed the spying methods that helped build the ‘Islamic State’

Jeremy Bender | Business Insider | Yahoo News | November 20, 2015

ISIS is dedicating resources to infiltrating other anti-Assad regime groups throughout Syria in order to better expand its “caliphate,” according to a defector from the group that The Daily Beast’s Michael Weiss interviewed in Istanbul, Turkey.

ISIS relies on sewing fear and committing brutal acts of violence in order to maintain its territorial control. The group’s brutality also has a propaganda value, and helps attract foreign recruits.

But the defector, who goes by the pseudonym Abu Khaled and was a member of the militant group’s internal security services, told Weiss that ISIS doesn’t always take such a confrontational approach to some of the forces opposed to it. Abu Khaled said that the Islamic State is dedicating money and manpower to co-opting rebel groups throughout Syria — including ones that have billed themselves as secular or moderate.

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