Marriage Equality Must Be Truly Equal

Curt Freed and Robert Ingersoll |  | Huffington Post | November 25, 2015

We were at a Mexican restaurant having lunch after doing some Christmas shopping at the mall when we decided to get married. It was December 2012, and Washington voters had just made marriage legal for same-sex couples. We had been together since 2004 and were living in the first home we had purchased together. It felt like everything had been building to this moment where we were ready and able to honor our lifelong commitment to each other.

We wanted a romantic location for our wedding, so we reserved a lush garden setting for the ceremony, which was to be held Sept. 19, our ninth anniversary as a couple. We planned to have around a hundred of our closest friends and family join us for this special occasion. In March 2013, we contacted our favorite floral shop, Arlene’s Flowers in Richland.

We were shocked when the shop’s owner refused to sell us an arrangement for our ceremony. We weren’t seeking her blessing, only an elegant display that would complement the beachy theme we wanted for our wedding.

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