PSUSU Statement on White Supremacist Terror in the US

Supporters of #BlackLivesMatter. (photo: RSN)
Supporters of #BlackLivesMatter. (photo: RSN)


Portland State University Student Union | Reader Supported News | November 27, 2015

In light of increasing unsubstantiated assertions by U.S. Corporate Media outlets that #BlackLivesMatter supporters are somehow responsible for acts of violence we are presenting this statement by The Portland State University Student Union, (PSUSU) in rebuttal and for perspective.


ince students mobilized against racism at the University of Missouri, there has been a white supremacist backlash on campuses across the country. Black Students Unions are receiving threats nationally, while white supremacists mobilized online to form White Student Union pages for universities and colleges.

In our own city, a Black student was targeted in a racist attack at Lewis and Clark College after threats against Black students were made on Yik Yak. A white supremacist has organized a PSU White Student Union on Facebook and begun to build support and target PSUSU organizers. Anti-Muslim posters stating that “Islam is Terrorism” have been put up on the PSU campus.

Since the 2007-2008 economic crisis and the fight-back of first the Occupy movement and then the Black Lives Matter movement, there has been growing racist reaction. Police have killed unarmed Black people at an increasing rate since Michael Brown was murdered. Donald Trump is campaigning for president on a platform that labels all Latinos dangerous criminals and would force Muslims to wear ID badges. The KKK is actively recruiting in Portland and the surrounding regions, in addition to many other places across the country.

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