Walmart’s Illegal Retaliation on Union Organizers

Robert Reich | Robert Reich’s Facebook Page | Reader Supported News | November 29, 2015

almart has undertaken secret surveillance of employees suspected of wanting to form a union – hiring an intelligence-gathering service from Lockheed Martin, contacting the FBI, staffing up its labor hotline, ranking stores by labor activity, and keeping tabs on employee activists. The details (published by Bloomberg Businessweek, below) are part of a case before the National Labor Relations Board alleging illegal retaliation against Walmart employees who have pushed for a union. The case should be decided within a few months.

This Friday, in addition to the strikes and protests outside Walmart parking lots that have marked the last three Black Fridays, organizers are mounting a nationwide food drive for Walmart workers in 1,000 cities and towns who are unable to make ends meet on wages that start at $9 an hour. The goal is to feed 100,000 Walmart workers and their families in all 50 states.

No American who works full time should be in poverty. As America’s largest employer, Walmart should be a model for other employers. Instead, it continues to lead the race to the bottom.

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