Your brain is neither male nor female. Discuss.

 | San Francisco Chronical | December 2, 2015 v

Bad news, bro. You have the same brain as a girl. Bad news, girlfriend. You have the same brain as a bro. Bad news, sexists, gender demagogues, binary enthusiast, homophobes and genderphobes and panicky religious demagogues of any sort whatsoever – when it comes to gender, the human brain is nowhere near the clear-cut, easily pigeonholed hunk of gray matter we thought it was. And it never was.

Can you deal? With the news that, according to new research involving a comprehensive analysis of 1,400 brain scans, there is simply no evidence to suggest that a human brain is predominantly male nor female, boy or girl, dog or cat, salt or pepper? True. But you probably sensed that already. Or rather, your brain did. The cool part of it, anyway.

What the brain actually is, scientists have concluded, is a “mash-up,” a “mosaic” of gender-ish features that defy easy categorization and upend beloved stereotypes, thereby making life, human sexuality and your infuriating arguments with your Catholic parents much more interesting and wry and impossible to pin down with any certainty whatsoever. You know, just like (androgynous, asexual, mash-up genius) God/dess intended.

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