Cops Turn Off Body Cams Before Killing Man, Witnesses Watch Them Plant Gun and Drugs

Justin Gardner / The Free Thought Project | AlterNet | December 5, 2015

Columbus, MS – On the night of October 16, Ricky Ball, 26, was shot and killed by officers of the Columbus Police Department (CPD). Beyond this fact, the official story is hotly disputed by family and community members, who say that one cop had it out for Ricky and maliciously ended his life that night.

There are several questionable circumstances surrounding the case, which is now in the hands of the Mississippi Bureau of Investigation (MBI) and the FBI. The Free Thought Project has been in contact with someone in the community who was close to Ricky, but has chosen to remain anonymous for fear of retaliation from police.

As the ‘official’ story goes, Ball was a passenger in a vehicle on Oct. 16 which was pulled over by the three cops for “careless driving, no light above the license plate and lack of insurance.” Ball fled the scene but was chased down and shot, and then collapsed about a block and a half away from the traffic stop. He died at the hospital from blood loss.

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