Five Dumbass Antigay Activists Who Unintentionally Helped Our Cause This Year

Graham Gremore | Queerty | December 5, 2015

Never interfere with an enemy while he’s in the process of destroying himself. This political truism certainly applies to some of our own worst enemies, many of whom had awful, self-inflected wounds in 2015. And the world took note, punishing them by heaping loses upon them.

Here are five antigay activists whose over-the-top shenanigans actually helped advance the LGBTQ cause…

Gov. Bobby Jindal and Sen. David Vitter

Screen shot 2015-11-25 at 2.08.10 PM

Oh, how the mighty of Louisiana have fallen.

Failed “religious freedom” fighter Gov. Bobby Jindal’s crappy leadership skills led to his funders finally cutting him off and resulting in his withdrawal from the 2016 presidential race. Now he’s back for a bit in the governor’s office, where his approval ratings have fallen to a historic low of 20 percent. (Ouch!) Even the state’s Republican voters disapprove of their governor, who has slashed education, health care and environmental funding to service the state’s massive deficit, triggered primarily by GOP tax cuts for oil companies and the wealthy.

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