Contrary to Popular Belief, Men Use Planned Parenthood Too – And They Love It

Planned Parenthood. (photo: Getty Images)
Planned Parenthood. (photo: Getty Images)


Elizabeth Whitmann | International Business Times | December 6, 2015

fter his long-term relationship ended and Shawn Forno started dating again, one place came to mind when he decided to get screened for sexually transmitted infections: Planned Parenthood. “I knew that girls went there to get tested for super cheap and I figured could too,” Forno, a 33-year-old freelance writer in New York City, said. “It worked out pretty well.”

A common misconception is that Planned Parenthood is only for young women, especially women seeking abortions. The myth is powerful and widespread enough for Senate Republicans to have passed a bill on Thursday to cut funding to any entity that “provides for abortions,” which would effectively cut federal funds for Planned Parenthood. That men depend on Planned Parenthood (and love it) is often overlooked in this heated debate.

“Had I not known about Planned Parenthood five years ago, I probably would not have started getting tested,” Forno said. At the time, Forno did not have health insurance and he soon came to rely on Planned Parenthood for regular testing. He still goes back, even though he now has health insurance. “It’s been a nice relationship,” he said, “Planned Parenthood is awesome.”

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