Justices Take Up Meaning of ‘One Person, One Vote’

Mark Sherman | Associated Press | Reader Supported News | December 6, 2015

he growing political influence of Latinos could be slowed by a Supreme Court case over the constitutional requirement to make electoral districts roughly equal in population.

Two voters in Texas are asking the court, in arguments set for Tuesday, to order a drastic change in the way Texas and all other states divide their electoral districts. Rather than basing the maps on total population, including non-citizens and children who aren’t old enough to vote, states must count only people who are eligible to vote, the challengers say. They argue that change is needed to carry out the principle of one person, one vote.

They claim that taking account of total population can lead to vast differences in the number of voters in particular districts, along with corresponding differences in the power of those voters.

A court ruling in their favor would shift more power to rural areas and away from urban districts in which there are large immigrant populations that are ineligible to vote because they are too young or not citizens.

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