A ‘gay boy living opposite a mosque’ in London tells it like it is

Megan Specia | Mashable | Yahoo News | December 8, 2015 ‘

Thomas Mauchline wanted to do his part to dispel anti-Muslim sentiment in London.

Like many in England’s multi-cultural capital, the 25-year-old Brit was inspired by a bystander’s reaction to Saturday’s tube stabbing, who yelled, “You ain’t no Muslim bruv!” at the masked man who police say committed an act of terror.

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So Mauchline, who is gay and lives across the street from a mosque, penned a blog post about his experiences with Muslims in South London that has since gone viral.

The post, titled, “15 things I learnt about Islam and British values being a gay boy living opposite a mosque,” has been shared widely on Facebook and Twitter and hailed by UK politicians for helping to dismantle the stereotype of Muslims as extremists.

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