Florida: Legislation Filed to Expand Medical Marijuana Access

NORML | December 7, 2015

Republican Senator Jeff Brandes has introduced legislation for the 2016 legislative session that seeks to repeal Florida’s unduly restrictive 2014 Compassionate Use Act and replace it with a more expansive medical marijuana law. Senate bill 852, the “Florida Medical Marijuana Act,” permits patients with either a specified medical condition or a specified symptom to use medical marijuana “as recommended by their physician.” It also establishes a system of marijuana cultivation, processing, and retail facilities and seeks to fund state-sponsored cannabis research.

As passed by lawmakers in 2014, the Compassionate Use Act allows only for the use of low THC derived products.Under the law, minors who suffer severe seizures and patients with terminal illnesses are eligible for legal protection. As of yet, however, this law has not provided protection or access to a single Florida patient.

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