This Rape Survivor Hopes To End The Stigma Surrounding Male Rape By Sharing His Story

Graham Gremore | Queerty | December 7, 2015

In a powerful new essay published by The Independent, writer Dean Eastmond opens up about being raped three years.

Eastmond was 16 years old when the 2012 Olympic games took place in London.

“My quaint little hometown of Weymouth hosted the sailing events,” he recalls, “and I ended up as an Olympic attendant, serving food to athletes and their crews. Not a bad first job, I guess.”

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During the course of the job, Eastmond befriended another guy who was a couple years older than him.

“We used to get the same bus into work each morning,” he writes. “He looked and acted like a nice enough guy. He was always smiling, and popular with our other colleagues. As a shy and closeted teenager, I looked up to him as a friend.”

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