Right-Wingers Morphing Phony “War on Christmas” Into War on American Muslims


“I always thought that if more good people had concealed-carry permits, then we could end those Muslims before they walk in and kill.” — Jerry Falwell Jr., President, Liberty University
Ordinarily at this time of year, as I’ve done in past years, I’d come up with a “War on Christmas” roundup, pointing out a few of the ludicrous incidents where conservative Christian activists are beating the drum for this phony meme, dropping a few of the more interesting “War on Christmas” historical anecdotes, and calling it a wrap. However
, since the San Bernardino massacre, some longtime “War on Christmas” combatants are morphing over-the-top “War on Christmas” rhetoric into an all-out attack targeting all American Muslims.
Peter Brimelow, one of the early architects of the modern “War on Christmas” is one of those combatants. In a recent column at the VDARE website, Brimelow maintains that immigration should be suspended – an argument he has made for years – and, he’s added a new wrinkle; Muslim Americans should be subject to expulsion from this country.

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