A top Democratic opposition research group says it won’t go after Marco Rubio — but why?

Alex Wong/Getty Images


 | Vox } December 13, 2015

After an early career as a conservative operative dedicated to bringing down Bill Clinton, David Brock has emerged as one of the top guys in the world of Democratic-aligned fundraising, messaging, and opposition research. He runs Media Matters, an all-purpose progressive operation, and Correct The Record which is specifically dedicated to 2016 presidential campaign matters. And according to Politico’s Annie Karnie he said something really weird on Friday about Marco Rubio.

The main point of Karnie’s article is that Brock is getting ready to unleash material on Ted Cruz, which makes a lot of sense since Cruz is emerging as a very plausible GOP nominee. But Brock claims to be so confident that Cruz will win, he’s not even going to bother doing oppo on Marco Rubio, which is bizarre (emphasis added):

Brock said he doesn’t dismiss what he characterized as an outside chance that Donald Trump could win his party’s nomination — “You never discount a demagogue” — but said he is not prepared to pour resources into planning for the rise of Sen. Marco Rubio.

“I just don’t see it,” he said of the young Florida senator. “He has some critical weaknesses, his absenteeism, weird listlessness on the campaign trail, all the mess with his personal finances — there’s a lot. He hasn’t been vetted.”

“I think Cruz will end up as the nominee,” Brock added, “and I think Trump will support him and have a big platform. We’ll be hearing from him at the convention and on the campaign trail.”

What is going on here? I can think of five possibilities:

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