An Open Letter to Caitlyn Jenner

 | Huffington Post | December 15, 2015


Transition is intensely personal. It’s also awkward in a figuring-stuff-out-that-you-should-have-when-you-were-16 kind of way. I’ve watched your coming out process mostly because other people, including my Mom, have asked me too. I didn’t have a great deal of desire to watch on my own; it felt like an invasion of your privacy. I also knew there would likely be stumbles along the way that would be remarkably painful for you, and sometimes damaging to the transgender community.

It is almost always this way for people who are very visible, and transition publicly. Chaz Bono can attest to this. In a way, I feel somewhat privileged in comparison. When I transitioned, it was in relative anonymity. When I started writing, first it was just a blog meant for myself than no one really read. Then, I wrote for a few smaller publications. Along the way, I joined advocacy organizations, went to conferences, and started a crash course in learning about queer politics.

Even after a year of immersion, it wasn’t enough.

When I look back at some of the things I wrote for the Huffington Post at the beginning, I can’t help but wonder; what the hell was I thinking? But my mistakes, my gaffes, my learning process were hidden by my obscurity. You don’t have that luxury, however.

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