I Am a Burnt saplings. I Was 14, When I was Sent to Prison for Being Gay.

IRQR | December 14, 2015

How would you like to introduce yourself?

I’m Arash. I’m 40. I live in Kayseri (Turkey) now.

What’s your sexual orientation and how would you describe it?

From the time I recognized myself, I was attracted to my same sex. But to be more specific, I would say my attraction and feelings were always feminine. I always saw myself as a girl, never as a boy. Not physically, but what was always in my mind and my heart was that I was a girl.

What are your earliest memories related to this?

I was 5 and I wore my sister’s clothes. I felt more comfortable. In games I always liked to play the role of a girl, not a boy. My haircut, my movements were more delicate, even the way I walked. Everything was girlish.

How did your family respond? Were they aware of this? Did you have any difficulties with them?

I believe all parents know their kids, they can sense these things in regards to their own child, but because of the cultural environment of my family and society at large it was never discussed. There was no space, no bravery or audacity to ever address it or mention it. So I didn’t bring it up, and neither did my parents.

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