Ohio threatened with lawsuit over voter purge

 | America Blog | December 17, 2015

One day after helping file a lawsuit against North Carolina for the state’s shoddy compliance with the National Voter Registration Act, Demos, along with the ACLU of Ohio, filed a pre-litigation notice against Ohio Secretary of State John Husted over Ohio’s ongoing purge of the state’s voter rolls.

As the Columbus Dispatch reported earlier this month, Ohio is basing their voter purge not on actual ineligibility, but rather on the assumption that inactive voters who don’t respond to snail mail have moved: “Under the current process, if a person did not vote in 2009 and 2010, the county board of elections sent the person a notice in 2011. If the person took no action to verify his or her status and did not vote in any election through 2014, the county board was told to remove the person from the voting rolls in 2015.”

As Demos wrote when announcing their pre-litigation notice, this is illegal:

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