WATCH: Seattle cop slugs homeless man for no apparent reason

 | Raw Story | December 18, 2015

After an extended investigation, dash cam footage was recently released, thanks to the work of a police accountability activist, showing an 11-year veteran cop violently assaulting a 21-year old homeless man.

On the evening of Saturday, January 3, Seattle police officer, Clark Dickson was dispatched as a backup officer to a homeless encampment, where officers were checking for men with outstanding warrants. After officers arrested one man without incident, they approached 21-year-old Christopher Tavai.

The officers walk Tavai to the front of their vehicle and begin to question him about his identity. Dickson immediately postures himself in front of the homeless in an intimidating fashion and after a brief conversation Dickson, seemingly for no reason, rears back and proceeds to viciously punch the unsuspecting man directly in the face. He attempted to justify this assault by claiming that Tavai had spit on him.

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