My Day in Court

| Huffington Post | December 22, 2015

“All rise,” said the bailiff.

As the well-respected, well-spoken judge came in, the court room became silent.
You could hear a pin drop in the enormous and intimidating room. Court security officers lined the walls. Adrenalin pumped through my veins and I felt more scared than the first time I found out I would be going to court with my parents to try to get the right for my mom, Susan, to legally be my mother.

Several weeks earlier, my parents called me out of my room. “Hey, Hud, come here we have to ask you something!” said my mom Kathy, my other mother.

Paranoid, I went through my mind trying to figure out what they knew that could get me grounded. But I wasn’t going to get grounded. Susan chimed in asking me, “Would you like me to legally adopt you?”

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