Westboro’s Plan To Hurt Gay Business Backfires, Sales Go Through The Roof

Dan Tracer | Queerty | December 22, 2015

The incorrigible kooks at the infamous Westboro Baptist Church never fail to remind everyone that, apparently, “God hates fags.” But He also seems to love cosmetics companies (who doens’t like a blemish-free complexion?), as the WBC is helping to drive up sales of gay-owned Z Skin Cosmetics.

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The church of haters has even been thanked by the gay CEO of Z Skin, Ryan Zamo, for helping to contribute to the bottom line.

Ryan ruffled Westboro’s all-too-easily-ruffled feathers by posing for a picture with his fiancé outside of the Equality House, directly across the street from Westboro’s evil lair.

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