Shocking New Report Exposes Widespread Dysfunction on U.S. Military Bases

Matt Berical | Van Winkle’s | AlterNet | December 23, 2015

Original published by Van Winkle’s, a new website dedicated to smarter sleep & wakefulness, published by Casper.

As we’ve reported at length, sleep deprivation is one of the largest and most untreated medical issues facing our armed forces. While it’s common sense that proper rest is paramount for soldiers who need to be ready to fight at any moment, grueling watch shifts, a “sleep is for the weak” mentality and other factors make a good night’s shut-eye a near impossibility for servicemen and -women. Sleep disorders disrupt their lives, leading to, among other things, worse PTSD.

The Army Surgeon General’s office has released the 2015 “Health of the Force Report,” which provides an overview of the health of active-duty soldiers across 29 U.S.-based installations. Per Army Times, the report marks the first time the Army has attempted to “review, prioritize and share best health practices at an installation level.” It considers a number of issues, including chronic disease, behavioral health, tobacco use and sleep disorders.

Unsurprisingly, sleep struggles were widely reported.

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