Since September, There Have Been 14 Assaults in Dallas’ Gay Neighborhood

Tom McKay | .MIC | Yahoo News | December 27, 2015

A Dec. 22 attack in Dallas, Texas’ Oak Lawn neighborhood, one of the centers of the city’s gay community, brings the total number of assaults in that area to 14 since September, according to Gay Star News and local news station WFAA.

The assaults have been brutal and have resulted in serious injuries. The incidents include mostly gay victims, who have had their skulls fractured, been struck from behind, stabbed and robbed. Some of the attackers made their feelings about the victims clear, using homophobic language.

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Since September, There Have Been 14 Assaults in Dallas' Gay Neighborhood

Geoffrey Hubbard, who told WFAA he was beaten and robbed in the neighborhood in November. Source: Facebook/The Advocate 

Michael Dominguez, who attackers stabbed multiple times in early October, told the Dallas Morning News, “I don’t know how else to explain it other than that somebody has hate in their heart, obviously, to do this to somebody else. … As a community we have a history of minding our own business. If something happens [we say] ‘it comes with the territory, it comes with being gay, that’s what we’re risking.’ I don’t think that should be the case.”


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