How Can Tamir Rice’s Killer Be “Mistaken but Reasonable” When He’s Lying?

Tamir Rice. (photo: Richardson & Kucharski Co., L.P.A./AP)
Tamir Rice. (photo: Richardson & Kucharski Co., L.P.A./AP)


Bill Simpich | Reader Supported News | December 29, 2015

imothy Loehmann is the cop who shot 12-year-old Tamir Rice in a Cleveland playground on November 22, 2014. Loehmann’s initial report was that he shouted at Rice to “show us your hands” three times before he shot him.

But the surveillance video shows Loehmann firing on Tamir within two seconds of stopping the car.

You can’t repeatedly give a warning when you haven’t even arrived at the scene yet.

Loehmann lied about the warnings. None of the witnesses heard any warnings prior to the shots.

That’s unreasonable behavior.

Yet the Cuyahoga County prosecutor, Tim McGinty, told the media today that the grand jury had refused to indict the two officers on any charges. McGinty added that the officers were “mistaken but reasonable” in their claim that they believed their life was in danger from a boy holding a toy gun in a playground.

As reported in last month’s article on the Tamir Rice case, McGinty went so far as to put experts before the grand jury to support the officers’ actions as “reasonable.” That is the job of a defense attorney, not a prosecutor.

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