Lesbian couple ordered to hand toddler back to biological mother Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/lesbian-couple-ordered-to-hand-toddler-back-to-biological-mother-20151229-glwd7l.html#ixzz3voGwBzxy Follow us: @smh on Twitter | sydneymorningherald on Facebook

Louise Hall | The Sydney Morning Herald | December 30, 2015

A baby girl relinquished by her mother at birth into the care of a lesbian couple will be “transitioned” back to her biological family after the mother later “changed her mind”.

The unusual case highlights the complexities surrounding “quasi-adoption” and the power of courts to overrule agreements made between friends when one party is struggling with infertility.

The girl, who is now almost three, will be gradually returned to the care of her biological mother and father, with a court finding it in her long-term interest to live with her parents and half-siblings.

During her pregnancy, the girl’s mother, known for legal reasons as Ms Grady, agreed to give her newborn to the same-sex couple, known as Ms Blaze and Ms Darnley.

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