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• Harmony will be hosted by Broadway sensation, Nick Adams, and feature special performances by dance pop superstar Erika Jayne from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, plus the NYCGMC, YPC, and Tonewall
• The gala will also feature live auctions, drag performances, the launch of new NYCGMC branding, and a DJ dance party
• Harmony will be held at the Diamond Horseshoe on February 22; tickets are on sale now

NEW YORK, January 26, 2016 – Big Apple Performing Arts, the home of the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and Youth Pride Chorus, today announced Broadway’s Nick Adams as host of its annual fundraising gala, Harmony, with a special appearance by dance pop superstar Erika Jayne from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Harmony, New York City’s most flamboyant gala and party to benefit the NYCGMC and YPC, will be held on Monday, February 22, 2016 starting at 6pm at the Diamond Horseshoe in Manhattan’s theatre district.

Now in its seventh year, Harmony has become one of the most fun, high-energy, and must-attend fundraising galas on the New York social calendar. “This year, Harmony will be bigger, sexier, and more spectacular than ever,” said Charlie Beale, Artistic Director of Big Apple Performing Arts. “More performances, more passion, more spectacle, and most importantly more opportunities to support these world-class, New York institutions,” Beale added.

“The missions of both the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and Youth Pride Chorus have always been about pushing the envelope, being fierce champions for equality, love, and acceptance, and having a damn good time doing it. This year’s Moulin Rouge theme certainly brings all of this to life at one of the city’s most seductive venues, the Diamond Horseshoe,” Beale further commented.

Harmony will include live, silent, and online auctions for an array of prizes, such as vacations, tickets to top Broadway shows, dinners at some of the city’s best restaurants, unique artwork, special experiences, and many other exclusive offerings. Live and silent auctions at Harmony are for attendees only, however online auctions can be accessed by anyone at Online bids are being accepted up to the Harmony gala on February 22.

Nick Adams, whose credits include Wicked, Priscilla Queen of the Desert, Chicago, Guys and Dolls, and La Cage aux Folles, will be host for the evening, with a very special performance by dance pop superstar Erika Jayne from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

“We’re so excited to have the enormously talented Nick Adams and the ever-fabulous Erika Jayne join us for Harmony this year,” said Skie Ocasio, Director of Harmony. “There will be so much talent in the room with Nick, Erika, the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus, Youth Pride Chorus, and our new NYCGMC ensemble, Tonewall. Anyone attending Harmony is certain to be jumping out of their chairs to cheer and dance throughout the night,” added Derek Charles Livingston, Managing Director of Big Apple Performing Arts.

The New York City Gay Men’s Chorus will also be launching its new logo and branding at Harmony. As they prepare for the unveiling, the Chair of Big Apple Performing Arts, Jason Sirois, commented “we have an amazingly talented and diverse chorus who produce incredible music. The NYCGMC is world-class and we’ve made a huge impact on the LGBTQ community over the past 35 years. Now we’re looking ahead and can’t wait to launch our new branding, which reflects our diversity and personality today with an eye to the future.”

Tickets for Harmony are now on sale at and all proceeds go toward the NYCGMC and YPC. VIP tickets (which include a VIP reception at 6pm, open bar, canapés, and other perks) start at $295 (tables can be purchased for 2 to 10 people). General admission tickets (which include a drink ticket and access to the performances from 8pm) are $95. Dance party tickets (for entry after 9.30pm) are $45.


About the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus
New York City Gay Men’s Chorus is a world-class, world-renowned New York institution and a pioneering voice for the LGBTQ community. NYCGMC is comprised of more than 250 talented singers of various ages, backgrounds, and experiences. Together, we produce a vibrant sound and energy that audiences can feel and connect with. Through the power of this sound, and our spectacular performances, we are fearless champions for love, equality, and acceptance. Founded in 1980, NYCGMC has formed a strong bond with devoted followers and continues to make lasting connections with new and diverse audiences. We sing in every style from classical to pop, Broadway to gospel, and from cultures all over the world. As artists, we listen to the changing world around us and transform what we hear into music. We sing to challenge perceptions of the LGBTQ community, to combat fear and hatred, encourage compassion and human connection, and to thrill with the superb quality of our sound. Through our music, audiences mourn losses, cheer victories, find unconditional acceptance, and celebrate life. We perform in a variety of settings, including special, private, and corporate events, concerts, television appearances, festivals, Broadway/theatre productions, conferences, weddings, parties, fundraisers, and community events.

About the Youth Pride Chorus
New York City’s Youth Pride Chorus harnesses the power of the performing arts to engage lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and straight young people ages 13-22 as agents of change. YPC fights homophobia, bullying, and all forms of hate by boldly asserting—through music—the joy, diversity, strength, and pride of today’s youth. YPC singers discover their own power by empowering others in schools, online, and in the broader community through electrifying, high caliber singing and performances.

About Big Apple Performing Arts
Big Apple Performing Arts is the non-profit management company for the New York City Gay Men’s Chorus and Youth Pride Chorus. With over thirty years of history, innovative programs, and service to the LGBTQ community, Big Apple Performing Arts is renowned for producing legendary performances, commissioning new works, and taking a leading role in the movement for social justice. From Carnegie Hall to City Hall, from the AIDS crisis to the struggle for marriage equality, as well as today’s gender and identity politics, the choruses of BAPA have been leaders and activists in the New York City community since 1980. 

Williams Institute: News and Events

More than two-thirds of residents in every state support protecting transgender people from employment discrimination.

Thirteen states, however, are at or near the level of support needed to adopt such laws, but haven’t yet.

This infographic shows levels of support for transgender-inclusive employment protections in each state, as well as which states do and do not have such laws.


Extending marriage to same-sex couples has generated more support for LGBT rights – not backlash.

In the last 10 years, public support for marriage for same-sex couples has increased across the United States. But the most dramatic drop in anti-gay attitudes occurred in states that legalized marriage equality from November 2012 through July 2013, when study participants were recontacted. In fact, 47% of residents who initially were opposed changed their minds.

That’s almost double the percentage seen in states where marriage equality was not legal during that period. In those states, 24% of residents who were initially opposed changed their minds.

The findings are discussed in a report co-authored by Public Opinion and Policy Analyst Andrew R. Flores and published in Political Research Quarterly. The paper received the 2015 Best Paper Award in LGBT Politics by the LGBT Caucus of the American Political Science Association.

The study answers lingering questions about whether extending marriage to same-sex couples would create backlash against the LGBT community. Instead, the policy actually increases support.


Join Us

Coming Out As…

Co-hosted by the Williams Institute and the UCLA Center for the Study of Women, this colloquium will explore how the phrase “coming out” has expanded, migrated, and been re-purposed by various marginalized groups, such as transgender individuals, undocumented immigrants, or the plural marriage rights movement.

Monday, February 8, 2016
2-5 p.m.
Charles E. Young Research Library


Join Us

The Public Professor: How to Use Your Research to Change the World

Williams Distinguished Scholar M.V. Lee Badgett, and UCLA professors Paul Ong and Chris Tilly will discuss how researchers can engage in public debates.

Lunch will be provided to those who RSVP.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016
12:20-1:30 p.m.
UCLA School of Law


This Way Out: Trans Studies at University of Victoria

the international LGBT radio magazine
for the week of 01-25-16
(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Faith groups tackle trans inclusion;
Trans studies matriculate at the University of Victoria;
Olympian Gus Kenworthy explains why he didn’t come out in Sochi;
A poisonous amendment threatens Italy’s civil unions bill, U.S. gay vets
get spousal benefits equity, a lesbian activist is Guatemala’s first out
Congressperson, a Russian city fears a “gay fish festival”, more news!
– In “NewsWrap” – Italian lawmakers discuss criminalizing overseas surrogacy for queer couples before considering a civil unions bill for them… the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department finally offers equal spousal benefits to married lesbian & gay service members in all 50 states… Britain closes a legal loophole that denied next of kin status to a legally married gay widower whose husband tragically died during their honeymoon in Adelaide, South Australia… Guatemala has its first out Congressperson (Sandra Moran) and the U.S. state of Minnesota has its first out state Supreme Court justice (Margaret Chutich)… the Russian city of Arkhangelsk bans a proposed “gay fish festival” as a violation of the nation’s 2013 law against “exposing minors to gay propaganda”… and more LGBT news from around the world (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by SARAH SWEENEY and WENZEL JONES).
– The UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA in the western CANADIAN province of BRITISH COLUMBIA announced the creation this week of the world’s first Chair in Transgender Studies, and the world’s largest archives dedicated to transgender people. In a video on the university’s website accompanying the announcement, Professor of Sociology DR. AARON DEVOR, the Chair’s first “occupant”, talked about the historic advance for the trans community.
– “Transgender Welcome” is a new resource booklet for faith communities published by the Center for American Progress. It’s written by retired out EPISCOPAL BISHOP GENE ROBINSON with a colloquium of transgender and allied faith leaders. He introduced the resource booklet this week in a dialog with transgender Baptist pastor ALLYSON ROBINSON (LUCIA CHAPPELLE reports).
– Openly-gay Sochi Olympics freeskier silver medalist GUS KENWORTHY talked about coming out during an appearance on the U.S. TV cable channel TBS’s late-night talk show hosted by CONAN O’BRIEN.
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The Supreme Court Approaches Judgment Day

Bill Blum | Truthdig | January 27, 2016

  The Supreme Court justices during a 2010 hearing. From left: Sonia Sotomayor, Stephen Breyer, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Chief Justice John Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Samuel Alito and Elena Kagan. (Dana Verkouteren / AP)

I know you’ve heard this before, but this time the future of the Supreme Court really is up for grabs in the coming presidential election. By the time November rolls around, three of the justices—Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy—will be octogenarians. Right behind them, Justice Stephen Breyer will be 78.

Unless Father Time goes on permanent leave or the laws of nature are suspended, all four could resign on short notice, allowing the next occupant of the White House to appoint their successors.

Since the average tenure of justices appointed since 1970 has exceeded 26 years, the next president will have the opportunity to reshape the nation’s most powerful judicial body for a generation or more. And with the power to reshape the court will come the power to redefine the meaning and application of the Constitution.

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Top school scraps century-old uniform code to accommodate transgender pupils | Herald Sun | January 27, 2016

A top British school is sbidding farewell to its 170-year-old uniform policy.


A TOP independent school in Britain has become the first in the country to scrap its uniform policy to accommodate transgender students.

Brighton College in East Sussex, a school for boys and girls aged 11-18 with around 1,000 pupils, now gives all students the option of wearing a skirt and blouse or trousers and shirt, regardless of gender.

The school said it was “reacting to a changing society which recognises that some children have gender dysphoria and do not wish to lose their emotional gender identities at school”.

Same-sex marriage threatens Coalition unity

Matthew Knott, Mark Kenny | The Age | January 27, 2016

Same-sex marriage reform advocates within the Turnbull government have reacted angrily to the plans of some hardline conservatives to vote “no change” in Parliament even if a future plebiscite votes “yes”.

Arrangements for the plebiscite are being worked through with a view to a final set of options within weeks.

Senator Cory Bernardi will vote against same-sex marriage no matter what the Australian public says.Senator Cory Bernardi will vote against same-sex marriage no matter what the Australian public says. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

Opponents, including Abbott loyalist Eric Abetz and conservative strongman Cory Bernardi, have begun speaking out, declaring they will not back the change, regardless of public opinion. One MP said he expected others would also vote against reform, “come what may”.

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LGBT activists rally as Hong Kong government delays discrimination legislation

Fridae News | January 27, 2016

Nine LGBT groups have released a strong joint statement criticising the government for a decision to delay legislation to protect sexual minorities from discrimination at a press conference last week.

A long awaited report by Hong Kong’s government into eliminating discrimination against sexual minorities has concluded that “more studies and public consultation are needed” on the issue. The report took two and a half years to compile by Hong Kong’s Advisory Group on Eliminating Discrimination against Sexual Minorities.

Last week, a press conference was organised by some of the city’s most prominent LGBT supporters. A total of nine organisations included lawmaker Ray Chan Chi-Churn and singer Denise Ho Wan-see, to denounce the report.

Significantly Chan, who was a member of the advisory group working on the report, claimed that most of the members of the group were in favour of legislation—but that this was not represented. Chan has asked for his name to removed from the report.

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PFLAG Omaha February Newsletter 2016

Well, February is upon us, and that means it’s time for the annual Pride Players show/fundraiser (Feb. 7), for news about this year’s PFLAG Omaha scholarship and a nice message about Valentine’s Day from PFLAG board member Charlotte Rannells. For that and more, access the newsletter by clicking in this link.
Bob Dorr, Newsletter Editor

Flint’s Water Crisis Is a Warning to Us All

Sonali Kolhatkar | Truthdig | January 27, 2016

Carlos Osorio / AP

By now most Americans have heard about the water crisis in Flint, a Michigan city of about 100,000 with a majority black population and high levels of lead in its water. With companies like Wal-Mart and Coca-Cola offering to donate millions of bottles of water to the city’s residents, there is a danger that the story of Flint will be seen as a calamity that turned into a saga of hope through charity.

The prevailing story is that a bankrupt government, desperate to save a few million dollars, switched the city’s water supply from Lake Huron to the Flint River and thereby ended a contract with the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD). The river water contains toxins and also lacks appropriate chemicals, resulting in Flint’s aging pipes leaching dangerous levels of lead into the water supply. Residents were also exposed to E. coli and Legionnaires’ disease from the tainted water. Additionally, the pipes are now permanently damaged, putting the cost of repair at a much higher number than the initial savings.

But some are suggesting that the switch in supply had a more perverse motivation than saving money. A Detroit news website called the Motor City Muckraker obtained information that revealed DWSD made several offers to sell Flint water at reduced rates that “would have saved the city $800 million over 30 years.” According to the Muckraker, Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder released internal correspondence from 2014 and 2015 after the story broke but “he refused to release e-mails from 2013, which would have showed why state officials decided to make the switch.” The report’s author speculated that perhaps “Snyder was motivated by a desire to break up DWSD and ultimately privatize it.”

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Club Fight: Tenn. Residents Complain About High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance

Rob Boston | Talk2Action | January 27, 2016

At public schools around the country, students, mostly high schoolers, are forming Gay-Straight Alliance clubs. Fundamentalist Christians often freak out over the existence of these clubs, like these people are doing in Winchester, Tenn.

Whenever this happens, I have to explain, once again, who made it possible for students to form Gay-Straight Alliances at public secondary schools.

It was fundamentalist Christians.

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