Colton Haynes: My “secret gay past” was never secret

Rhuaridh Mar | Metro Weekly | January 4, 2015

Colton Haynes in Arrow, Credit: The CW

Colton Haynes in Arrow – Credit: The CW

Colton Haynes has set the internet ablaze this week after a post on his Tumblr account that referenced his sexuality.

Best known for portraying Roy Harper in The CW’s Arrow, Haynes — who rose to fame in MTV’s Teen Wolf — has been subjected to rampant speculation regarding his sexuality ever since a 2006 photoshoot for gay magazine XY. Haynes kissed another male model while in a swimming pool as part of the pictorial, but has never publicly addressed his sexuality — something that hasn’t stopped his fans from guessing.

Now, those fans have something else to obsess over: a post to the actor’s Tumblr, responding to someone who had recently discovered Haynes’ “secret gay past.”

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