Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institute: A Women’s Prison From Hell


At Central Florida’s Lowell Correctional Institute, the largest women’s prison in the country, the most salacious of women-in-prison movie scenarios meets a real life “Dante’s Inferno”; in this case, the nine circles of suffering embody day-to-day life. A recent Miami Herald I-Team investigation found Lowell Correctional Institute to be a cesspool of corruption, where prisoners have been forced to exchange sex for basic necessities, where rape and sexual assault have become routine, where the smuggling of drugs and other contraband is rampant, and corruption and cover-ups proliferate.

Marion County Chief Assistant State Attorney Ric Ridgway has called what’s happening at Lowell, “akin to prostitution.”

“With 2,696 inmates in a sprawling maze of drab gray, un-airconditioned buildings, the institution sits amid rolling green hills and pristine thoroughbred horse farms in Central Florida,” the Miami Herald’s Julie K. Brown recently reported. “But the women who have done time here say Lowell’s quiet veneer belies the corruption, torment and sexual abuse within.”


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