Team Clinton decides that “Medicare for all” is Actually Bad

 | America Blog | January 13, 2015

During the last Democratic debate, Hillary Clinton took a shot at Bernie Sanders’s domestic policy agenda by citing a thoroughly-discredited price tag pulled straight from the Wall Street Journal:

But I want to quickly say, one of the areas that Senator Sanders touched on in talking about education and certainly talking about health care is his commitment to really changing the systems. Free college, a single payer system for health, and it’s been estimated were looking at 18 to $20 trillion, about a 40 percent in the federal budget.

$15 trillion of that “18 to $20 trillion” figure comes from single-payer health care, and it’s true that an analysis of legislation Sanders proposed in 2013 that would have enacted a single payer system came up with that level of government spending over a ten year period. Nationalized health care is expensive.

However, it’s a lot cheaper than private health care, which is currently on track to cost the American people close to $42 trillion over the next ten years. That’s why the analysis from which both Clinton and the Wall Street Journal get their eye-popping price tag is titled “How we can afford a national single-payer health plan.”

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