Gay basher writes letter of apology to the teen he attacked 20 years ago and it is incredibly powerful

Joe Morgan | Gay Star News | January 12, 2016

This might disturb you. Just warning you. Even if you were never attacked, even if you were never bullied, this is a hard read.

Trigger warning loud and clear, this letter is brutal.

A gay basher has written about beating up a 15-year-old gay kid 20 years ago. Now haunted by guilt, he wrote the letter not seeking redemption – he says he doesn’t deserve it – but to serve an object lesson to ‘other pieces of shit’.

He posted on Reddit: ‘I was a teenager during the 90s and grew up in a somewhat rural part of what is still a deep red part of the U.S. Life revolved around high school, sports, Sunday church, hunting and all that. Very Friday Night Lights. I was a good student but also in the jock crowd, and it was the nature of the beast that you gave shit to lessers at school.

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