Jane Mayer Reveals History of Koch Family and the Nazis

Lisa Graves | PR Watch | Truthout | January 14, 2016

Jane Mayer’s new book, “Dark Money,” breaks new ground on the Koch family at a time when its outsized influence on American democracy is under increased scrutiny.

Mayer’s book goes on sale next week, but reviewers have highlighted the new information Mayer researched about Fred Koch, the father of Charles and David Koch, two of the richest billionaires on the planet who have pledged to spend more than anyone has ever promised to spend in our elections, nearly one billion dollars in the 2016 cycle.

Fred Koch indoctrinated the Koch boys with his virulent anti-government, anti-tax philosophy, a world-view the Koch brothers – who control mega-corporation Koch Industries – have spent decades spreading, with their cash seeding numerous groups fronting their agenda.

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