ILGA-Europe and the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC): Reframing LGBTI Equality in Europe

Dear friends & colleagues,

In September 2015, ILGA-Europe and the Public Interest Research Centre (PIRC) started a new project, Reframing LGBTI Equality in Europe. We want to understand how people in Europe think about LGBTI equality and to adjust our communication accordingly to increase support and mobilisation. To be able to start that investigation, ILGA-Europe and PIRC are issuing an urgent call for all relevant surveys, resources, literature.

What we’re looking for:

When we say any relevant surveys, resources, literature we really do mean anything.

  • Are you aware of any research that documents attitudes towards and beliefs about LGBTI people and equality, or how LGBTI issues and equality is framed, in a European context? This data could be from opinion polls, university research, NGO projects or information from private foundations. As an example we are interested in data such as the Eurobarometer survey on discrimination, or opinion pools done in preparation of a campaign to support equality campaigns.  Please send us any literature you have; even a small piece of information could add great nuance to our project. These resources are not time bound, so older materials are very welcome too.
  • This information can be in English or your national language. If requested the information will be treated as confidential and/or anonymous.
  • The literature you refer us to doesn’t even have to be completed. If you know about an on-going project, at a local university for example, just tell us about it and we can contact the researchers individually for more in-depth queries.

How you can help:

Send us literature – either send it by email to my colleague or submit information on that page:

Connect us – are there other people we should be talking to? Please put us in touch with them.

Inform us – are there other questions we should be asking? Are there values/frames messages that work well in your own national context that we might not know about?

The research carried out in this literature review will provide the foundation for our entire Reframing LGBTI Equality in Europe project so, if you have relevant information you’d like to share, please let us know!

We’re really looking forward to hearing from you.

Very best wishes,

Sophie Aujean
Senior Policy & Programmes Officer
Direct line: +32 2 609 54 12

NB new address: Rue du Trône/Troonstraat 60, 1050 Brussels, Belgium
Tel.: +32 2 609 54 10 • Fax: +32 2 609 54 19 •

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