Newlywed Man’s Death In Australia Prompts Calls For Marriage Equality

Nick Visser | The World Post | January 21, 2016

A newlywed man’s accidental death in Australia has prompted renewed calls for marriage equality in the country after his spouse said he was discriminated against for being gay.

Marco Bulmer-Rizzi was on his honeymoon in Adelaide, Australia, last week when his husband, David, fell down a staircase and later died. Though both men were from the United Kingdom, where same-sex unions are legal, Bulmer-Rizzi said he was told David’s death certificate would read “never married.” Gay marriage isn’t recognized in the state of South Australia, while some states, including New South Wales, provide legal recognition for marriage performed in other countries.

The story was initially reported in BuzzFeed, where Bulmer-Rizzi was quoted as saying all next-of-kin decisions were forwarded to David’s father, despite Bulmer-Rizzi’s insistence that the pair were married and that such responsibilities should lie with him.

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