Protest in Chicago at Creating Chance Conference

For Immediate Release:  January 23, 2016
For Information:
Andy Thayer, co-founder, Gay Liberation Network, 773.209.1187,
Attention editor:

Here is a link to a YouTube video which offers a bird’s-eye view of last night’s protest over “pink-washing” at the “Creating Change” conference in Chicago. You are welcome to use it in whole or part for your publication. We would appreciate credit be given to “Gay Liberation Network” if you choose to do.

The video covers the protest’s assembly in a downstairs ballroom, the march through the hotel upstairs, and the confrontation just outside of the event hosted by “A Wider Bridge,” an organization which frequently partners with the Israel government to promote favorable coverage of Israel.

Activists were incensed that the National LGBTQ Task Force, a group claims to be anti-racist, would allow a group dedicated to the promotion of Israel to soft-peddle it’s subjugation of the Palestinian people at the Task Force’s annual “Creating Change” conference.

The protest capped weeks of growing anger at the Task Force which earlier invited the notorious ICE anti-immigrant police agency to participate in the conference, right in the midst of a new wave of sweeps that are adding further to President Obama’s record number of deportations. After a wave of protest, the Task Force backed down and disinvited ICE, but rescinded its dis-invitation of the pro-Israel group, prompting the protest you see here.

Besides the protests of Arabs, Muslims and Latinos, the Task Force’s moves prompted a who’s who of local young Black Lives Matters organizations to publicly denounce the Task Force and/or boycott the conference.

Royalty-free high-resolution still pictures are also available upon request to


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