Bring on same-sex marriage bill now

The Age | January 26, 2016

It seems a sulky rump of conservatives in the Coalition cannot abide the new order under Malcolm Turnbull. Indeed, they seem determined to create disorder, or at least disharmony, as they pursue ideological goals that are fundamentally at odds with those of their leader.

In the latest episode, Liberal senator Eric Abetz has indicated he might not vote in line with the party if a mooted plebiscite, to be held sometime in the next term of Parliament, confirms that voters are in favour of changing the law to allow for same-sex marriages. His colleague, Senator Cory Bernardi, has declared that, irrespective of what voters say, he will not support same-sex marriage because “it goes against what I believe in”.

It is fair to note that this outbreak of views comes just days after the standard-bearer of the conservative faction, Tony Abbott, confirmed he would continue in politics and contest his seat of Warringah at the election. Coincidentally, Mr Abbott is presenting a speech in New York this week before the US-based anti-abortion lobby group, Alliance Defending Freedom, which is a prominent opponent of same-sex marriage.

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