This Way Out: Trans Studies at University of Victoria

the international LGBT radio magazine
for the week of 01-25-16
(hosted this week by Greg Gordon and produced with Lucia Chappelle)
Faith groups tackle trans inclusion;
Trans studies matriculate at the University of Victoria;
Olympian Gus Kenworthy explains why he didn’t come out in Sochi;
A poisonous amendment threatens Italy’s civil unions bill, U.S. gay vets
get spousal benefits equity, a lesbian activist is Guatemala’s first out
Congressperson, a Russian city fears a “gay fish festival”, more news!
– In “NewsWrap” – Italian lawmakers discuss criminalizing overseas surrogacy for queer couples before considering a civil unions bill for them… the U.S. Veterans Affairs Department finally offers equal spousal benefits to married lesbian & gay service members in all 50 states… Britain closes a legal loophole that denied next of kin status to a legally married gay widower whose husband tragically died during their honeymoon in Adelaide, South Australia… Guatemala has its first out Congressperson (Sandra Moran) and the U.S. state of Minnesota has its first out state Supreme Court justice (Margaret Chutich)… the Russian city of Arkhangelsk bans a proposed “gay fish festival” as a violation of the nation’s 2013 law against “exposing minors to gay propaganda”… and more LGBT news from around the world (produced by STEVE PRIDE, written by GREG GORDON, and reported this week by SARAH SWEENEY and WENZEL JONES).
– The UNIVERSITY OF VICTORIA in the western CANADIAN province of BRITISH COLUMBIA announced the creation this week of the world’s first Chair in Transgender Studies, and the world’s largest archives dedicated to transgender people. In a video on the university’s website accompanying the announcement, Professor of Sociology DR. AARON DEVOR, the Chair’s first “occupant”, talked about the historic advance for the trans community.
– “Transgender Welcome” is a new resource booklet for faith communities published by the Center for American Progress. It’s written by retired out EPISCOPAL BISHOP GENE ROBINSON with a colloquium of transgender and allied faith leaders. He introduced the resource booklet this week in a dialog with transgender Baptist pastor ALLYSON ROBINSON (LUCIA CHAPPELLE reports).
– Openly-gay Sochi Olympics freeskier silver medalist GUS KENWORTHY talked about coming out during an appearance on the U.S. TV cable channel TBS’s late-night talk show hosted by CONAN O’BRIEN.
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