Stop Straight-Splaining Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton to LGBT Voters

Michelangelo Signorile | Huffington Post | February 12, 2016



As a radio host and commentator, and as a gay man, I’m used to conservatives calling in or writing me to straight-splain the world to me. I apparently shouldn’t be defending Muslims against bigotry nor support allowing Syrian refugees into the country, for example, because ISIS throws gays off of buildings. “How could you defend people who want to see you dead?” It’s not always as simplistic, wildly inaccurate and ridiculous, but it is always just as condescending.

And now it’s happening with progressives and liberals, among Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters. Yesterday Charles Blow wrote a column in the Times headlined, “Stop Bernie-Splaining to Black Voters,” and it made me think about how the same arrogance is coming from straight supporters of both candidates to LGBT voters.

Sanders, I’m told by some heterosexual supporters, is the only true champion in the race in the area of civil rights for LGBT people because he was one of a small handful of members of Congress to vote against the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) in 1996 — a law signed by Hillary Clinton’s husband and which she supported until recent years.

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