Antonin Scalia, Determined Foe of Gay Rights Advances, Dies at 79

PAUL SCHINDLER | Gay City News | February 13, 2016

News of the sudden death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia at age 79 is sure to set off a huge political battle over President Barack Obama’s constitutional duty to nominate a successor for him. With Senate Republicans likely to try to play out the clock on the president’s final year in office, the issue will also be front and center in this year’s election.

Over the past three decades, Scalia has been the intellectual leader of the Court faction seeking to block gay rights advances –– unsuccessfully on issues from Colorado’s anti-gay Amendment 2 in 1996 to the Texas sodomy case in 2003, the Defense of Marriage ruling in 2013, and the Obergefell marriage equality breakthrough last year.

New York Law School Professor Arthur S. Leonard will be reviewing Scalia’s record on LGBT and related issues and examining the implications of this departure for Gay City News. Until that analysis is posted, Leonard’s reporting on Scalia’s dissent in last June’s marriage ruling follows:

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