GOP Senator Ayotte compares Supreme Court nomination to “unconstitutional power grabs”

 | America Blog | February 16, 2016

We have come to a point in right-wing obstructionism where the President fulfilling basic constitutional requirements is considered unconstitutional and dictatorial.

In a Medium post yesterday on her official re-election campaign account that included her statement on the current Supreme Court vacancy, Senator Kelly Ayotte (R – NH) explained that President Obama should not nominate a Supreme Court justice to replace Antonin Scalia. Instead, Obama should “let the American people weigh in” by sitting out the process and allowing the next president to select a nominee.

As Brian Beutler, among others, pointed out, the American people already did weigh in on this judicial appointment when they elected President Obama to a second term:

Scalia was 76 years old in November 2012, when voters returned Obama to office. His supporters were motivated in part by a desire to prevent the Court from drifting further rightward (it had just come within a hair’s breadth of voiding the Affordable Care Act, remember) and the hope, however distant, that Obama would turn it to the left.

However, Ayotte’s post goes a bit further than similar arguments made by her fellow Senate Republicans. Check out the bio at the bottom of her post (emphasis added):

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