Win or Lose, Bernie Sanders Has Changed Everything

 | Forward Progressives | February 23, 2016

While most people know that I support Hillary Clinton as our next president, most should also know that my number one priority this November isn’t to see that Clinton wins – but Democrats win. My support for Clinton isn’t tied to some emotional investment that makes me irrational or devoid of facts or reality. I like her, I think she will make a great president and I think she gives Democrats our best chance to win in November. That doesn’t mean I don’t like Sanders, I just prefer Clinton. Believe it or not, it is possible to like both candidates but simply have a preference for one over the other. I’ll never understand this mindset of “I can only like one.”

Though I know what drives that attitude: The Media

The argument is always shaped “one candidate vs. one candidate” as opposed to simply picking the better of two good candidates. Getting people angry and divided is much better for business. Unfortunately, negativity sells.

All that being said, win or lose, Bernie Sanders has changed everything.

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